Attributes of the New LaserMax Spartan Light & Laser

Fred Mastison, well known trainer to both the world of  law enforcement and civilians, had the opportunity to test and evaluate the New LaserMax Spartan Light & Laser.  Ideal for personal and home defense as well as security and law enforcement, it was released on August 1st, 2016.

“There are few pieces of equipment as essential as a laser light combo for your defensive handgun. LaserMax has developed a new addition to their line. The Spartan is a laser light combo unit that share the same quality as all their other products. Coming in at only 1.3 oz, it has the smallest housing available on the market. It includes unique Rail Vise that allows the shooter to adjust the position of the unit to truly fit their hands. It also fits easily in a small or large frame pistol. The new LaserMax Spartan has easily indexed and operated ambidextrous panels for on and off.  This makes it easy for running the light and laser. You can also dim the light from a bright 120 lumens all the way down to 4. It’s build across a crisp red or green laser and includes a unique mint green light, which is the most visible wavelength in the color spectrum. One thing I really like about this; it operates on AAA batteries. No more unique or hard to find batteries plus they are extremely long lasting.

The new Spartan is the perfect small light laser for your defensive handgun. It will give you the advantage in any low light situation. It maintains its precision and accuracy over time and it’s a perfect choice for anyone series about owning the night.”

mastison lasermax spartan

Newest Spartan™ Light & Laser by LaserMax 









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